Holiday Beer Wishlist

In light of the holiday season – and because now that I don’t work retail, I actually like the holidays – I have a list of holiday beers here that I want to drink this Winter and review for this blog. Most of these brews came from Draft Magazine’s “26 Holiday Beers: We Drank Them All.” I then realized that article was written in 2015, so I adjusted some of this list to accommodate what’s available now. I’ll make a six-pack and then some. 


Smuttynose Smistletoe: A “biere de garde” with notes of cherry, raisin, raspberry, and oak. It sounds different from most holiday beers; which is nice since I am not a huge fan of average, spiced holiday beers. At 8.5%, I am interested and a little wary to find out how much like molasses it will taste. 

Boulevard Snow & Tell: The second beer labeled good for the spice-aversed. Are brewers getting away from spice ales for the holidays? I thought so until I realized this list was from 2105, but I can still hope. 

Hoppin’ Frog Frosted Frog Christmas: This is a brewery I’ve never heard of, and it sounds like it tastes like Snickerdoodles, which I love. Hopefully, I can find this beer nearby. I think I saw that it was sold in Virginia, but there’s a really great package store closer to me. Hopefully it will be there, but I am willing to drive. 

Magic Hat Winter Mingle: As a former New Englander, I have to represent, especially one my favorite New England breweries. Also, this sounds really good, like hot chocolate but better because it’s beer.

Anchor Christmas AleIt’s a classic, and this year is their 42nd brew! I’ve also never tried it before, so I feel like I should. 

Starr Hill Snow BlindCaramel and apples, and high abv. Just some of my favorite things.

Flying Dog Holiday CollectionThese holiday collections are made to pair with cookie’s from Baltimore’s Otterbein Bakery. This year’s collection doesn’t sound terribly exciting in my opinion, with the exception of the Raspberry Leaf and Horchata brews. 2014’s sounded more up my alley. Maybe I’ll buy the paired cookies though and see if that makes this collection more special. 

Stone XocovezaI love this brewery and their cocoa beers, so I am obligated to have this Winter version and love it. 




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